Just Write for Kids:

“This college-level, home study of picture book writing can take your writing to new heights. Emma is a great communicator, and I’m humbled by all that she knows and shares. Finishing the course, I had a richer vocabulary tied to elements and mental images of what a picture book must become in order to meet the standard of “read it again and again.” – Pam M.

“Emma Walton Hamilton’s Just Write for Kids Home Study Course is informative and user-friendly. Emma provides comprehensive instruction and several different ways to interact with her as well as other students. Emma’s style is consistent and supportive. I found myself inspired in ways I had not been in a very long time. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend. I cannot thank Emma enough for her instruction, her advice, and the resources she provides.” – Kellie J.

“Although it took me longer than anticipated to complete the course, it has helped me produce a manuscript that I’m fairly happy with and given me a better understanding of what to consider when writing future manuscripts.” – Doreen L.

“I attended the Southampton Writers Conference in 2013 and had the opportunity to work with Emma. This course was both a continuation and a supplement to the information gained at that conference. The work at your own pace course made it easy to fit the program into my daily life. I would and have recommended this course for any person who dreams of writing Children’s Picture Books but struggles with finding the time. This course is efficient and opens up a world of possibilities for those wishing to advance their writing skills and opportunities. I am working on submission ready work and have several pieces draft form that I’m confident will find home.” – Pam J. N.

“The quality of the eight lessons was amazing. The course opened my eyes in regards of how deep someone must dig to write a picture book as I had to examine and compare five remarkable published picture books. My time spent on this course was worth every minute!” – Marilena S.

“I enjoyed this so very much! I am just a beginner and this was so very clear and great info!” – Anonymous.

“Just want to thank you for offering this course at such a great value. I hope one day I can dedicate a picture book to Emma for all her expertise.” – Anonymous.

“I feel like I finally understand the universal appeal of the book “Where the Wild Things Are” and I am so grateful to Emma for walking me through it from a child’s perspective and helping me appreciate its mastery.” – Debra S.

“I found the course very valuable and important.The course gives one the opportunity to make much more of the Story. The Story becomes much better and has much greater chances to succeed.” – Ulli S.

“Emma, Thank you for taking the time to have this class. I found it interesting and extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone I meet.” – Angela C.

“Simply put, this is a wonderful class! The information offered is invaluable. It is great that you can work at your own pace for this class, as well. One can spend quality time on each assignment, rather than rushing through the work while maintaining a full-time job and taking care of a family. I highly encourage anyone thinking about taking this class to go for it!”  – Denise L-C.

“I have to say I truly enjoyed this course. I am a working mother of two, so I appreciated the ability to take the course at my own pace and the quick response to questions. This course was a great help and hopefully the first step to a wonderful journey.” Thanks!” – Cheri F.

“Emma is not only a gifted writer, but she is a truly gifted teacher. In ultra clear step by step building blocks, she guides you through the style basics required to produce a publishable picture book in today’s competitive literary world. For me the course was a personal journey of discovery full as much with inspiration as with information.; a real gift.” – Joanna M.

“My experience in the Just Write For Kids course has been wonderful, informative, and has inspired me to be a better writer. Touching a child’s heart is a magical thing and it is there we find our future leaders, writers, doctors, humanitarians, etc., As writers, we need to get it right.” – Connie S.

“I loved this course. It exceeded any and all of my expectations. I felt everything was thoroughly explained and extremely helpful. I look forward to (and hope you have) more courses.”  – Carolyn L.

“I loved the course as it was something I was looking for being a first time treading the waters of the “Writing World”.  Guidelines in structure, the sheets to record Character Bio, Plot Structure etc were valuable to me.  Just what I needed.  While a little nervous at first to be guided by one of the masters in this art I have since spent many hours pouring over sheets for other story ideas.” – Diane T.

“I thought the class was useful.” – Carolann L.

“I had a ball with Emma’s course!  It gave me the confidence, focus, structure and tools that I was seeking to give life to the stories swirling in my head.  Emma was always accessible and encouraging.  I now have a completed manuscript and other story ideas taking form.  I look forward to any further course offerings.” –  Patricia T.

“This course was extremely valuable in opening your eyes to the structure and writing of children’s books.  I gained much information and many ideas.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in writing children’s books!”  – Renee S.

“Thanks to Emma, I now have the tools I need to make my picture book projects publisher-worthy. By taking this course, I gained so much in knowledge, understanding, and self-confidence. Emma’s enthusiastic, supportive and insightful responses to my comments and questions were key to this experience. Her warmth and boundless positivity were genuine, palpable, and contagious. I am eagerly embarking on new projects, ready to use all I’ve learned – and looking forward to the next offering from this skilled and inspiring teacher.” – Beth S.

“Although I am a teacher and therefore close to the source, I had a totally new experience during the course. It brought me ways to write in a completely new direction. I am very excited I came upon your site Emma, glad to have been your student! Thanks a lot!!!” – Anneke M.

“Emma’s course has turned my interior world upside down.  So many of the boxed ideas in my head incapable of finding a satisfying venue, now have a freeing place to potentially come alive.   Emma’s logical and personal approach to writing is offered freely, enabling each student to believe in their personal quest to express themselves in words.”  – Gary S.

“This course was wonderfully structured. I learn best by comparisons and by doing as well as proper organization and this course definitely had all that. I don’t think could have gotten to the place I am with my book without this course.” – Anonymous.

“I am a beginner writer and this was my first real writing course. I loved how easy it was to understand, and how accessible Emma made herself throughout the entire course. She always answered whatever questions that came up for me. I am super excited to now have a rough manuscript in hand that I am looking forward to improve upon! If you’re considering taking Emma’s course I would definitely recommend it!” – Anonymous.

“Emma Walton Hamilton’s course on writing picture books is insightful, inspiring and wonderfully practical. Emma’s depth of knowledge about the industry as well as her innate talent for writing childrens’ books make her an invaluable resource to anyone who is interested in writing and publishing their own work.”
Mariah B., educator/author.

“Emma Walton Hamilton’s class taught me an unbelievable amount during such a short time. She honed in on what is necessary for a successful children’s book: structure, timing, how words and pictures can — or cannot — intensify one another. And, she’s a pleasure to boot! Energetic, intuitive and accessible.”
Amy P., illustrator/cartoonist

“When swimming the seas of unfamiliar subjects, the most essential buoy is an excellent teacher. Emma’s teaching skills and personality overflow with enthusiasm and sterling formulas that develop a writer’s focus, clarity, and equip them with the foundational principles needed to grow and blossom to their fullest potential. She is a great gift to a fledgling writer.”
Bree B.

“Emma Walton Hamilton’s workshops are just what the manuscript doctor ordered: a comprehensive overview of children’s literature and story structure, substantiated by specific examples….a satisfying balance of the theoretical and the concrete!”
Lois F.

Just Write for Middle Grade:

“I have been writing middle grade for a few years now, and have worked with Emma in her capacity as freelance editor, so I know how skilled and knowledgeable she is. I wondered, though, how much I would benefit from the course at this stage of my development as a writer. I discovered that the answer is “enormously.” The course digs deeply into every aspect of writing a middle grade novel or chapter book, and challenges the student to look more closely at their work and to work through things that they might never have considered otherwise. I know that *all* my writing and revision from this time forward will be better because of this course. Thank you, Emma!” – Beth S.

“Emma’s Just Write for Middle Grade course illuminated my way forward with a novel I’d been struggling to complete for over a year. Thanks to the step-by-step approach of Emma’s lessons, I now have a working draft. Each lesson breaks complex topics into applicable exercises that help a new writer internalize the tools successful writers use instinctively. It’s been a revelatory fourteen weeks that I’m sad to see end.” – Johnell D.

“Just Write for Middle Grade more than met my expectations for rich course structure, substance, and practical skills! It will be a source of ongoing learning for engaging and excellent story telling. Thanks!” – Claire S.

“Despite having already studied extensively on the topic of writing middle grade books, I still gained value from the course in that it helped me plan out my current book and work on some of the issues I was having with it as well as refreshed the information in my mind and helped me keep it foremost in my thoughts while I wrote. If you are struggling to write your middle grade book, are new to writing middle grade books or just need an extra push to finish your story, this course is the perfect way to get it done!” – Becky F.

“The Just Write for Middle Grade course takes writers through the middle grade and chapter books writing process step by step. The two things that made this course stand out for me are the methodical presentation of materials and the reusable worksheets. The 14 weeks of comprehensive lessons include several worksheets for each lesson. I found them extremely helpful in forming my thoughts and rethinking my chapter book. I have also started using the worksheets to plan my next chapter book. Emma answered all my questions in the private Facebook group and in the comment section of the lessons, and I was able to see Emma’s answers to other class participants’ questions. I also benefited greatly through a private consultation with Emma where she gave me excellent feedback and suggestions regarding my chapter book. I recommend Emma’s course and her consultations.” –Alayne Kay Christian, Award-winning children’s book author.

Just Write for Young Adults:

“I learned more in this course that I hadn’t learned in other courses. I especially liked that the lessons were more specific to my genre. I also really loved the editing lesson. I’m looking forward to perfecting my novel and hopefully taking advantage of the editing bonuses! Thanks so much for this!” – Amy G.

“Emma Walton Hamilton is one of those teachers you never forget: generous with her knowledge and clear in her guidance. She has a knack for breaking down the elements of writing without ever being simplistic or formulaic. As a result, her course is clear, bright beacon that shines the way toward success.” – Patricia McCormick, 2-time National Book Award finalist and award-winning author of Never Fall Down, Sold and Cut, among others.

Editor in a Box:

“Editor in a Box is a wonderful help to my revision process. It helped me from start to finish getting my ms ready for submission. The tools are a great help with my picture book. I now have it ready for submission. Everyone needs Editor in a Box.” – Anonymous.

“Editor in a Box for Picture Books…helped me focus on the aspects of greatest importance to future children, readers and publishers.” – Anita

“The material in Editor in a Box for Picture Books is presented in a way that works best for me. There is an overview of the big picture, which allows me to review the notes while I am revising and preparing a manuscript. The details of this program are specific and helpful. The tone is supportive. Finally, the videos are simply amazing. They are very easy to follow, conversational, and filled with useful information. The conversation between Emma Walton Hamilton and Emma Dryden, though easy to listen to and conversational, is packed with information every writer needs.” – Linda K.

School Visit Wizard:

“From the minute I found out my first book would be published, I was terrified by the prospect of seeking out school visits. The process seemed mystifying and insurmountable for a new author. Although I did manage to book a few visits based on personal connections, I couldn’t see how to expand my reach. After taking Emma’s course, I booked three visits within a month, and one school bought 250 copies of my book! I’m already gearing up for the 2016 school year only now I’m no longer afraid because I know exactly what I need to do.” – Julie Hedlund, Picture Book Author and Founder of 12×12

“School Visit Wizard is absolutely fabulous! Everything is laid out so clearly and your advice is so detailed. I especially liked the ideas for storytelling activities aimed at specific age groups, and your audio on how to give an effective presentation/reading. Also, Marcie Colleen’s article on writing a teacher’s guide is incredible! This website has value beyond school author visits, and is definitely appropriate for experienced school presenters as well as novices. I will be recommending this site not only to authors, but to publisher publicity departments so they can better prepare their authors!” – Mary Brown, Owner of Books, Bytes and Beyond, Bookseller and Educational Consultant

“I am truly honored to have contributed to this amazing resource. But most of all, I am excited to utilize School Visit Wizard as I book my own school visits! As a former teacher, I am quite comfortable creating the content for my presentations, but what a special treat to have expert Emma Walton Hamilton as a coach, by my side, taking me step-by-step through the entire process – from preparation to payment! Thank you so much, Emma. This product is jam-packed with your guidance and generosity. School Visit Wizard is definitely the valuable asset I need for my career’s next chapter.” – Marcie Colleen, Children’s Author and Educational Consultant